Afghanistan (2) the immigration debate reopens.

James Bond
6 min readAug 23, 2021

On Sunday 22nd August I released my 1st blog on the lunacy of the actions of President Joe Biden and you can see that video blog called The lunacy of President Biden- putting millions at risk in return for his re-election by clicking below.

This has re-opened a huge debate in the UK. One of the reasons we left the European Union was so we could control our own borders and take control of our own immigration policies.

Why am I qualified to talk of this?

My name is Bond, James Bond. I am a health and fitness expert based in the UK- although I have clients worldwide. I am the son of two legal immigrants from India to the UK. I am the grandson of a very prominent Indian socialist. I come from a family of champagne socialists. I know the immigrant lifestyle and the challenges that come along with it.

I have relatives in the USA and India. None of whom will speak to me because of one reason- I support Donald Trump. However what I write here is not for political gain.

In a limited capacity I have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. I have friends who served in Northern Ireland, Syria and Afghanistan who never came home. I have also done fitness training for several HM Armed Forces members.

In my day job I work with people who want to improve their quality of life, particularly those who want to lose weight. What makes my service different is that I am one of very few personal trainers in the UK who is medically qualified. Therefore I can take on super high risk cases that nobody would ever take on- such as Deborah Fox.

My stance on immigration.

Here is my stance on immigration.

  • Genuine political prisoner. No problem.
  • Genuine asylum seeker. No problem.

On that note I find it reprehensible that we did not offer asylum to Asia Bibby or Rahaf Mohammed.

Asia Bibby was the Pakistani Christian who spent 10 years in prison and was freed on appeal against her conviction on blasphemy charges. Rahaf Mohammed was the Saudi Arabian woman who left her religion and fled a forced arranged marriage. She ended up in Indonesia in dire straits. She was rescued by the Canadians who gave her asylum.

Such people will move heaven and earth to give back to the country that gave them refuge.

Non asylum seekers must fulfil certain criteria

  • They must come legally.
  • They must have a reasonable command of English.
  • They must respect UK law.
  • They must respect UK culture.
  • They must positively contribute to our society.

I am wholly opposed to mass immigration. I advocate controlled quality immigration.

Let’s take Liverpool FC super striker Mohammed Salah- the Egyptian King

Let’s take my Dad.

He is an immigrant from India in 1969. The world’s most devout Hindu. He never claimed a penny in benefit. He arrived in the UK with £5. The following day he was at work in a hospital in a pre-arranged job. He was fluent in the English language. He was a family doctor for over 30 years. He employed 10–15 people and paid at least £30,000 a year in taxes. His only criminal offence was to get a parking ticket which was quashed on appeal when he proved he was seeing a patient with a heart attack and had to park in an emergency. If any family member ever went on welfare he would insist that whilst on welfare you worked voluntarily at a charity shop to give back. He gave a lot of money to charity.

At first, some hospital consultants refused to take his referrals. Some local GPs refused to do out of hours cover with him. They tried to get him struck off because he started a scheme with a local pharmacy. Under that scheme you would put in your request for a repeat prescription, the local pharmacy would pick it up and then two days later it would be dispensed and ready at that pharmacy. They had to throw out the complaint because his patients loved it. It saved them time.

All patients with a long term illness were seen every 3 months to keep their symptoms under control. Hence they rarely needed hospital referral. It also kept his waiting list down. He hired loads of nurses to do specialist clinics e.g. high blood pressure clinics. At one stage he was doing so many the health authority made a complaint to the minister of health because he was claiming so much money from them. The minister wrote back and told them to leave him alone and tell other doctors to do the same.

During the latter stages of his career government targets stated that emergency patients were seen within 3 days. He saw them on the SAME day.

As time went on the tables turned. Patients from other practices came to him. He exceeded all government targets and the other doctors were humiliated when the health authority had no choice but to ask him to design protocols to have such an efficient practice.

For the reasons above his patients loved him.

That is how you win people over-you gain their respect.

What Donald Trump said about my Dad.

A while ago I met Donald Trump at an event and I asked about immigrants like my Dad. He replied “If I am to make America great again I need immigrants like your father.”

What Nigel Farage said about my Dad

I once met Nigel Farage, the man who brought about Brexit. I told him the story of my Dad. He replied “As far as I am concerned immigrants like your father would be welcomed with open arms.”

We should follow the lead of the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

What you can do.

If you are in the UK.

Support our troops who are coming home. Only they will know what they have been through. Consider making a regular donation to the British Legion.

Go to and drop a line to your Member of Parliament. For reasons I’ll discuss in a later blog its one thing to offer these refugees temporary assistance. In the long run it’s not fair to them to take them to a country which is so different from the one they left. I personally think it’s safer and more humane to send them to Saudi Arabia. Trump worked out it cost the US taxpayer some $25,000 to take in one Syrian refugee. However the Saudi’s can take one in for $5000. Its cheaper and it’s better for them.

Wherever in the world you are follow me on!

Watch out for the next episode my fears for the future of Europe.


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In all cases the date checked is Sunday 22nd August 2021