The banning of Chubby Brown. The view of a Sheffield based ethnic minority

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Why did the Romans build straight roads? So the Indians could open up corner shops! (See the video.)

This is the 1st of several video blogs about the decision of the authorities in Sheffield to ban the comedian Roy “Chubby” Brown from appearing in Sheffield.

I am a UK-born and raised 2nd generation Indian. I am the exact demographic of the person the woke brigade say people like him are offensive. 2nd generation means I was born and raised in the UK.

See the Kenny Everett Do it yourself Bee Gees Kit and the reaction of the Bee Gees.

Kenny Everett was famous for this (2.) I find this hilarious

Now see the reaction of the Bee Gees. (3)

Two of my favourites the Handi Bendi Gandhi and the mickey take out of all those who say White Christmas is racist.

Although I say Mahatma Ghandi was the greatest man who walked this earth but even I think the video from Three of a Kind is hilarious (3.)

Every December people say that White Christmas is racist check out the 2nd video showing The Drifters version of it. (4.)

One of my favourites- The Patel Rap.

Being in the fitness trade I love the White Woman’s Workout.

A message to the woke brigade.

Nobody is making you go to Chubby Brown. If you don’t like it don’t go and don’t buy his DVDs or recordings.

The Commission for Racial Equality Investigation into the University of Sheffield

Click here to see the story. I brought the University to it’s knees. At the time I had a lecturer trying to get me thrown off my course. I took the view that if I was going down I’d take them all with me.

The CV experiment

Click here to see details of the CV experiment.

Victoria Hindle’s comments about me on facebook in response to this issue.

A lady named Victoria Handle has made some very comments about me on Facebook since I posted on the Sheffield Online Facebook page.

She’s made comments about my loss at the Liverpool Employment tribunal in 2004 and the fact that I lost my license to practice medicine in 2006.

What she’s unaware of is that in 2006 I won the appeal against the Employment tribunal reverse see the verdict here. It was the first time anyone had won at the Employment Appeals Tribunal on the grounds that the original judge admitted in writing to not reading all the evidence.

It is true that in 2006 I lost my license to practice medicine. What she, and the media, are unaware of is several important issues.

My regulatory body has admitted in writing to withholding information that cleared me of the most serious offence. The most serious offence I faced was that of gaining entry to sit my medical finals externally by fraudulent means. They got evidence from the Undergraduate Dean of the University of Sheffield medical school in 2006. You can see his witness statement here.

He just failed to mention that in 2001 the medical school referred me to the General Medical council in and I was cleared of the same offence see here for the proof. Why did the dean fail to mention this?

I submitted evidence to rebut everything against me- my panel refused to read it.

Three months later the General Medical Council was forced to reveal a document saying that since the examining body had not complained there were no grounds to take action You can see the withheld memo here.

For the 2nd most serious offence I was charged with saying that my medical director, Dr Gerry Murphy, lied on oath at a coroner’s inquest. You can see his witness statement his witness statement by clicking this link. In 2011 he was found guilty of instructing his lawyers to give false information to that inquest so clearly, he knowingly lied to my panel. You can see the judgment by clicking this link.

The hospital’s lawyer who formulated the case against admitted in writing that the other offences, even if true and proven, were trivial You can see proof in the lawyer’s email here.

My defence body lawyers were useless. For example, I gave them evidence to show the case-law of Dr. David Herbert. He graduated in the same year as me. He had the same postgraduate dean. One night he went out, got drunk, and drove home. He caused the death of a member of the public. He was criminally convicted. The GMC took no action because of the effect of a two-year suspension on his career. See the verdict here.

It took them 4 years to bring my case to trial.

Also, consider the potassium doctor. Like me, she was a house officer. She graduated in 2001 like me. We had the same postgraduate dean. She killed a patient with a lethal dose of potassium chloride. She was not suspended but underwent a period of retraining the proof is here.

Even if my offences were true and proven they don’t come close to these two. All this was given to my defence body who failed to even consider it.

If you look at you can see the evidence. I have to raise some £250,000 to bring these people to trial. Terrorist sympathisers like Shamima Begum get no end of legal aid.

This is why I have no respect for the woke media.

What you can do.

Please sign the petition to let Chubby Brown appear in Sheffield by going to this link on my facebook page

Now once you have signed the petition please like the post, the page and write “signed” underneath. Then share it.

I am very good with parliamentary petitions. Several of my petitions have reached the threshold to get a response from the government and one got a debate in parliament.

To help end the woke revolution please like my facebook page.

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