The uphill struggle the UK Labour party has got.

James Bond
9 min readAug 6, 2021


There has been talk of Kier Starmer trying to relaunch the Labour party. Let’s take a look at the history and the problems he’s got. I speak as a former member of the Labour party who was stabbed in the back by them. That said my MP, at the moment, is a Labour MP and in all fairness, she is a brilliant constituency MP.

The UK Parliament has 650 MPs. Each MP represents a constituency of 100,000 people. To get an overall majority a party must have 325 or more MPs.

1979 Margaret Thatcher won the UK General Election and the Tory party was in power for 18 years. In 1983 UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had a majority of 144 seats. The biggest in history.

I live in Sheffield Hallam. Crookes is as Labour as you can get and is full of students. However, the posh parts of the constituency Fulwood, Ranmoor, Broomhill and Lodge Moor were either Tory or Liberal Democrat. Students campaigned night and day to get all the Labour votes to vote for Richard Allan- the Liberal Democrat candidate elected and it worked. In fairness, he was a brilliant constituency MP and was instrumental in the Commission for Racial Equality investigation into the University of Sheffield

1997 Tony Blair became PM with 408 seats- a majority of 83 seats.

However later that year the Dearing report came out. It recommended the restoration of student grants to 1979 levels and government payment of fees. Blair went against that and brought about the abolition of grants and the introduction of fees. Students felt stabbed in the back. I left the party in protest.

Just before my resignation, I attended a lecture from then Labour MP Tony Benn. He said that if there was ever a referendum to leave the EU the Labour party would move heaven and earth to oppose it. The simple reason is that three-quarters of an MP’s income comes from the EU.

Labour won again in 2001 with a reduced majority. In 2004 a Labour minister appointed civil servant lied in court against me. That was the last straw.

Labour won the general election in 2005 and has not won since.
The same civil servant lied on oath against me in 2006 and if there was any chance I would go back to the Labour party it went then.

In 2009 the conservatives returned to power with a coalition government with the Lib Dems. By this stage, Nick Clegg had taken over from Richard Allan and had become the leader of the Lib Dems. Again a brilliant constituency MP.

In 2013 the Conservative leader David Cameron won an outright majority of 25. In doing so he became Prime Minister and introduced two referendums, one for Scottish Independence and one to leave the European Union. The Scots voted to remain in the UK. However, in doing so Cameron turned the Labour voters of Scotland into SNP voters and secured Labour to the opposition benches forever. Without Scotland’s 55 Labour MPs Labour cannot get in.

Look at what Prime Minister Cameron said.

This is a huge decision for our country, perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes.

And it will be the final decision.

So to those who suggest that a decision in the referendum to leave…

…would merely produce another stronger renegotiation and then a second referendum in which Britain would stay…

…I say think again.

The renegotiation is happening right now. And the referendum that follows will be a once in a generation choice.

An in or out referendum.

When the British people speak, their voice will be respected — not ignored.

If we vote to leave, then we will leave.

There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.

So I say to my European counterparts with whom I am negotiating.

This is our only chance to get this right — for Britain and for the whole European Union.

I say to those who are thinking about voting to leave.

Think very carefully, because this choice cannot be undone.

And to those who are campaigning to leave but actually hoping for a second referendum — I say decide what you believe in.

If you think we should leave — and leave means leave — then campaign for that and vote for it.

In 2016 the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. The result came out on 24th June 2016. Mathematically six in ten Labour constituencies voted to leave the EU.

Leaving the European Union was one of the best things we ever did for 5 reasons.

We don’t have to pay the EU £55 million a day.

We can control our own borders and immigration policy.

We can make our own laws.

We can be governed by our own democratically elected government.

We can make our own trade deals.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party in 2016. To my mind, it was largely by mass recruitment of the far left.

We then had a general election in 2017 so we could see through the exit from the EU- looking back now that was a mistake on the part of then, Prime Minister Theresa May. She ended up with a majority of 2 after a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party. In the end, she ended up having to resign and the conservative party had to appoint a new leader. Boris Johnson ended up as PM.

Under Corbyn Labour voted 43 times in the House of Commons to block Brexit. In December 2019 Boris Johnson the new conservative Prime Minister ended up having to hold a general election as he had a minority government. Labour and all the opposition parties were blocking everything. He ended up from having a minority government to having the biggest conservative majority since Thatcher in 1983 (66). Labour was seen as a party ignoring the will of the people. Many people who voted remain changed their minds.

It was not helped by the publication of Corbyn’s links with known IRA terrorists, the antisemitism which is rife within Labour and the fact that they went against the will of the people. That’s not my view- look at the letter put in the UK national papers signed by 12 Labour MPs.

Nothing could be more damning than that.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister and leader of the conservative party is sitting on the largest conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1983. Labour is on 199 Members of Parliament (MPs)- their worst post-war result. The conservative party is on 363. However, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is as conservative as you can get and they have 8. This is why the conservative party does not campaign in DUP areas. So, in effect Boris is on 371 MPs.

Taking into account the DUP Boris Johnson has an overall majority of 85.⁠

That means that Labour is 172 behind. That’s a huge majority they have to overcome.

This statement is very true. The majority of a working class’s family income goes on food, clothing, footwear and domestic energy. Labour went against the will of the people to block Brexit. EU tariffs raise the cost of all those items by 20%. Since Brexit, the cost of all these has fallen. I notice it in my shopping bills! My gas and electric bills have fallen as well.

To my mind, Labour has abandoned its core message and supporters and now panders to the far left and ethnic minorities. It’s like a man cheating on his wife, going to another mistress and expecting his wife to stay with him. To his horror, he then finds his wife has left him and gone to someone else.

Consider some practical points.⁠

Firstly Scotland. Scotland has 60 MPs. 55 of which were, up until 2015 as Labour as you can get. Then the Scottish referendum came and the Scottish National Party (SNP) took them. Without those 55 Labour MPs Labour can never get in. There is no way that the SNP and Labour will ever do a deal. Yes, both want to re-join the EU. However, the SNP was full Scottish Independence. Labour wants the Union to remain as it does now.⁠

Labour only won in 4 areas at the 2019 election.

Strong heartlands.

Places with lots of students.

Places with Black population

Places with a high Muslim population.⁠

You can’t do much about strong heartlands. Then again think of the recent Hartlepool by-election and the recent council elections. Hartlepool was as Labour as you can get and it’s very rare that a presiding party in power wins a by-election.

There was also the recent Batley and Spen by-election. Historically it was a very strong Labour seat.

Labour only won by the skin of its teeth. In the 2019 general election Labour got 22,594 votes. In the 2021 by-election, Labour got 13,296 votes. That’s a loss of 9298 votes in two years. I am a business owner. Any business that lost 9298 customers is in trouble. The only reason Labour won is because of the strong ethnic vote.⁠

Consider students. University students are notorious for making multiple fraudulent votes. I live in a student constituency and it happens all the time. It’s very openly talked about in the pubs. Now you have to show a photo ID to vote. Without fraudulent votes, Labour cannot win. I do remember when I was a student one of my ethnic minority friends openly boasted about voting in 7 different constituencies to help Labour get in. It’s a crime that is very easy to get away with but very difficult, if not impossible, to convict.

Labour keeps saying that the number convicted of voter fraud has been very low. A quick search will see that all those convicted of voter fraud have been Labour councillors of Pakistani heritage. Why?

I can’t see the problem with photographic voter ID. They say it discriminates against ethnic minorities. I am an ethnic minority and I have such ID. I fail to see what the problem is. I have many ethnic minority friends who say it’s not a problem. Indeed I defy you to meet one of the 1st generatIon Indians who have a problem with it. It is used in India without any problem and it’s been mandatory in Northern Ireland since 2003 and this was brought in by the Labour government of the time! The bill to bring in compulsory photographic ID to vote has gone through parliament. It was opposed by Labour. So they are opposing something they actually brought in.

As I said without fraudulent votes Labour cannot get in.

Consider ethnic minorities. Go to any church in a black-dominated area. They talk about being oppressed, disadvantaged, being under slave conditions even now. Labour panders to that.

Consider the Islamics. They believe in infiltrating a population, outbreeding them and taking over. Labour believes in open borders, mass immigration, full citizenship, welfare and voting rights on arrival. This is why Labour does very well in an area with a high ethnic minority population. Very sadly nobody hates the Jews more than those from the Middle East and that is why antisemitism is rife in Labour.

This I find truly very sad. A sizable part of Jewish scripture comes from the Old Testament of the Bible. Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Moses, Abraham, King David, Saul. Solomon and Ezekiel are prominent in Jewish teaching. Each of them is a prophet of Islam. I fail to see the hatred between them?

However, the new Immigration and Borders bill will put an end to that. Welfare payments to polygamous families have now stopped and the supreme court has upheld the government’s decision on this. Child benefit is only paid to the first two children of the 1st wife. So, if you have 4 wives and 20 kids you are in financial dire straits. This was imposed on us by the European Union.

Now in 2021, the Germans will have their general election. Hopefully, the new government will hold a referendum to leave the EU. Germany France and the UK were the only net givers of money to the EU. Once Germany, France and the UK have left the 4th Reich will have fallen.⁠

Labour has an uphill battle.

With all that do you really think they have a chance?

In conclusion, Labour is finished for a generation.